Prosecco in a can – The video

Well, the Winesleuth has taken her very first steps into video blogging. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now and finally found a very easy site to make videos. My friend Ricard recommended Viddler and it was as easy to use as falling off a log.

I found prosecco in a can (£1.69) at Lidl ( a German supermarket discounter here in the UK) the  other day and thought, “What the hell…I’ve had other wines in a can and they’ve been quite good”.  Well, click on the video to see my thoughts on this particular prosecco.

[viddler id=425d6dee&w=437&h=333]

Making the video was fun but I’m not going to be doing it everyday like our friend Gary V!


  1. Hey Denise,

    I just googled Prosecco in a can (don’t ask why!) and your website came out second.. its a small web, this ol’ www!

  2. SweetLisa /

    I live in Germany and tried the wine in a can last night.

    I am no expert, and don’t like wine in general (too bitter) but this was delish! And the tiny cans fit well into my purse!
    At 10% alcohol, it was worth it!

    I get tired of beer beer beer for every festival here, and this is a very refreshing change from beer!

  3. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

    • Thank you. My writing may seem familiar because I have a problem with people stealing my content!!! If you can tell me how to stop it, I’d be much obliged! 🙂

  4. This is quite a up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Delicious.

  5. Might not be good but for sheer novelty value I am going to have to head down to Aldi & see what I can see!!!!!

    • looking back at my notes, I realized I got Aldi and Lidl confused! I got it at Lidl, the price is the same. Enjoy?!?!

  6. I definitely never said that it was good…

    • now I’m going to have to find this prosecco the next time I’m in Germany (or the Continent) just to see if it IS any good!

  7. Hey Denise,
    I was speaking to a guy from Rexam last year who said that the Paris Hilton-backed RICH Prosecco ( in a can that they produce broke all sorts of records in mainland Europe (or possibly just Germany…not sure). 3 million cans every month blah blah blah…

    So it definitely can be done!

    • so that explains the link I got to a Paris Hilton website! just because it’s popular don’t mean it’s good, just good marketing 😉

  8. Sabrage! Do not try that at home! But so fun to see the video blog! THanks for the cautionary tale about the prosecco in the can. Looking forward to more video blogs!

  9. Interesting video technology – good on you!!! (Would rather see you in person but the video works for a long-distance “Denise fix”)

    Sparkling wine in a can oh well no possible cork taint… synthetic corks, screw tops, plastic wine bottles, Tetra Paks, still wine in a can, premium box wines, wine in a cardboard tube, so what’s next?!?!

    Natural cork and glass bottles may not be PC or have a low-carbon footprint but they are traditional. Classic style and tradition are still appealing to many…

    • Hi Dennis, yes, I agree, sometimes the classics are best. Popping open a can is not near as fun as popping a cork (or better yet, sabering a bottle!) But all this new technology is interesting and does have it’s place, for convenience at least, if not always quality!

  10. Soda pop! Fizzy water!! I think we’ll be giving this one a miss, Denise, thanks for alerting us. Congratulations on your first video-blog (I have a terrible fear it’s called a “vlog”…)
    Ricard xx

    • A vlog?? Couldn’t they come up with something a bit more original? I’m afraid prosecco in a can is not yet ready for prime time, as they say. Thanks for the thumbs up!!


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