The Winesleuth and Wine90 checking out the chards…

The Winesleuth (me, Denise) has joined forces with the always entertaining UK wineblogger,  Wine90 (Sarah Newton), for occasional forays into the world of video blogging or vlogs as they’re commonly known.

So I called up Sarah and invited her over with a wine of her choice, something to compare and contrast with my white Burgundy. Sarah usually blogs about Italian wines but for our maiden voyage into vlogs, she chose something to go along with the chardonnay theme, an ’05 Californian chard, the ’05 Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnnay from Santa Maria Valley (£18), which she picked up from one of my favourite wineshops, Wines of the World in Earlsfield.

Oddbins has been slowly releasing a trickle of wines to the shops and this little gem arrived the other day.   An ’05 white Burgundy from Domaine Martin, the Senaillet, a Macon-Villages, 1oo% chard, a fantabulous mouthful that has found it’s way onto our shores and currently at the reduced price of £6.99

Now this should be an interesting comparison…it’s a tad long but we were delighted and amused….(I can’t believe she’s never heard of creamsicles!)

[viddler id=243d96ad&w=437&h=370]


  1. Vero "Pancha" /

    Wow, Denise! That was a nice video–funny too!. Have you ever considered making (or maybe you have already…) a video or section on your blogsite for us who are newbies at understanding how to complement wine with food?

    • Thanks, Vero! glad you liked the video. Sarah and I were aiming to show that wine is not that intimidating and can be fun. You don’t have to be an expert, just enjoy! That’s a good idea to do a food and wine matching video, may have to do something soon. Cheers!

  2. Got a bottle of the Macon to play along with your tasting. For me the nose was pure Pineapple Cubes, the boiled sweet you get from old fashioned sweet shops. Very nice wine for six ninety-nine.

    • Cool that you were able to play along! Pineapple cubes, mmm, (scratching chin), yeah, I could see that. It is a steal at 6.99! Had another bottle the other night and it’s just fab!

  3. Hey This is really cool. I wish I was as IT savy as you. Great post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, we had lots of fun making it! It’s really not that hard to make a video, you should give it a go!

  4. Your guests just get better and better looking.

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