Friendly gruner veltliner


photo from Laurenz website

I’ve got a few more videos left from the London International Wine Fair. I know it may seem like they’ll never stop coming but just one or two left. Some people complain that the show is too big, too much, too impersonal but I always have a great time and meet great people.

I’ve had the Friendly Gruner Veltliner before, at Bibendum’s tasting at the Saatchi Gallery a few months ago, but here I had the opportunity to speak with the winemaker himself, Laurenz Maria Moser V. As you might be able to tell by the V., Laurenz is a descendent of the famous Lenz Moser clan of Austria. His grandfather was the legendary Professor Doctor Laurenz Moser III, who invented the Lenz Moser Hocherziehung trellising system now used all over Austria.

Laurenz decided to branch out a few years ago and focus entirely on gruner veltliner. His goal is to produce “elegant and charming” wines, wines that are subtle and elegant yet still retain the spiciness that gruner is known for without losing it’s playful edge.  To that end, he is currently producing 3 different wines, the Friendly, Charming and Sunny Gruner Veltliners along with the Silver Bullet, a biodynamic gruner like no other.

I had a quick chat and tasting with the very elegant and charming Laurenz himself….


  1. Awww… How I wish I was there! I love this exhibition, the show is never too big and is impersonnal only if you let it be that way. Good job on your little mission! It must have been amazing to have met those people!

    • A pity you couldn’t be there! It was great fun to meet the winemakers, wish I could have made it to Vinexpo as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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