Sonomo Cutrer 2006 Chardonnay – brief tasting note

California chardonnay. Not usually one of my go-to wines but I had a chardonnay from Sonoma-Cutrer the other day that was really quite enjoyable. Sonoma-Cutrer is located in the Russian River Valley and have been producing quality chardonnay since the early 1980’s.

I was a bit sceptical as my memory of California chardonnays are oaky butter bombs but the 2006 Sonoma-Cutrer is nothing of the sort. A straight up chardonnay, it was a clear bright wine with flecks of gold dancing around the glass. A fresh nose of tropical fruits, most notably creamy pineapple along with mango and ginger and a faint aroma of honeysuckle. There wasn’t a butter bomb in sight. The wine slipped down quite easily. Quite a rich chardonnay, with more of the pineapple notes and a zesty lime finish. The oak was present but not overpowering.

I had it with my dinner of roast chicken and salad and it was quite tasty. I’m no longer afraid of California chardonnays, at least not Sonoma-Cutrer’s chardonnays.


  1. It’s been a trend seen the last few years in Clifornia, going away from heavy butterscotch/ oaky flavors… more burgundian style I guess. ABC (au bon climat) is another good example from Santa Barbara

  2. Having taken a trip to Sonoma and Napa earlier this year, I wasn’t expecting the greatest things from chardonnay but was rewarded with some great bottles from:

    Ridge (OK it was monte belo)
    Clos Du Val
    and El Molino (probably the creamiest but still will balanced)

    • Dave Ramey was here in London this past spring and I had the chance to try his chards, excellent stuff. Clos du val is another fave, I visited them a few years ago. Ridge and El Molino I will have to take your word, for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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