Help Send the Winesleuth to Discover India’s Wine Regions

Feb 14, 17 Help Send the Winesleuth to Discover India’s Wine Regions
Who doesn’t love wine? Wine is a big part of my life and I don’t just mean drinking it. I am passionate about uncovering the story of wine as well as tasting and finding the best wines and places to drink them for my readers. Especially wines that are undiscovered and need a light shone on them. Which is why I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to help offset the cost of my upcoming trip to the wine regions of India. Click here to support The Winesleuth’s India  Adventure and read on to find out more…

The wine industry is constantly changing and there are many new and emerging wine regions around the world. For most people India is an undiscovered wine region. Asia is an emerging wine region and India, while not a big player yet, actually has a long history of wine production. However, due to various historical circumstances (phylloxera, the end of the British Raj, the alcohol abstinence movement in many Indian states, etc…) in modern times, it’s not been a serious wine producing country. Until now. It is an exciting time.

With an emerging middle class, Indians are increasingly discovering the joys of wine. Young, entrepreneurial Indian wine makers are embracing this and rediscovering and reinventing the wine industry in India. What is the terroir of the Indian wine regions? Do they have Mediterranean type microclimates? Are the regions primarily cool climate or hot climate? Or something in between? What varieties work best on the Indian sub-continent?
There is a lot to discover for wine lovers in India. With the wine producing regions ranging from Kashmir in the far the north to Tamil Nadu way down in the southeast, I suspect it’s a combination of many different types but which is producing the best? That’s something I hope to discover while there during the month of March.

Nashik Valley seems to be the Napa Valley of India – situated fairly close to Mumbai, roughly 300 kms north – many Bombayites spend the weekend visiting the wineries there. There are over 20 wineries in the Nashik Valley but there are other wine producing regions which I’ve yet to know more about. It is a really exciting time to visit and discover what’s going on over there. Can you help me do that?About Me.

One of things I love about wine is that no one can ever know everything about wine. That’s one of the main reasons I started The Winesleuth blog 9 years ago. I didn’t grow up with wine but as I discovered it I fell in love with wine and wine culture. I wanted to share all of the wonderful experiences and people that I encounter everyday working in the European wine trade. Wine culture is for everyone and not just the few, I want to help demystify it without dumbing it down.

I have been a judge for Decanter Magazine, the annual Pays d’Oc Collection and the top 100 wines of Portugal. I was the Social Media Ambassador for Vinisud 2016 (an annual trade fair showcasing the wines of Southern France), the Social Media Manager for Bordeaux Wines UK and for the Tesco Wine Community. I have written for many publications including the prestigious Decanter Online and Palate Press.

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  1. Good luck in India! We met at the bar last night and in my now undrunkwn state read your blog and loved it

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