Foradori Sgarzon 2014 – An Amphora Wine

May 05, 17 Foradori Sgarzon 2014 – An Amphora Wine

The Winesleuth has left the late night vibes of Soho for up and coming Bermondsey. You can now find me at the brand spanking new wine shop/wine bar, Lechevalier on Tower Bridge Rd.

A small, intimate venue with an eclectic wine list, I’m being reintroduced to the world of wine. Lechevalier specialise in biodynamic, organic and, yes, natural wines.  I loved working in Soho but this is completely different and something I can really sink my teeth into, wine wise, there is so much new wine to taste and to learn about.

One of my first tasks was to do a bit of research on a new wine in the shop, the Sgarzon Teroldego 2014 from Foradori vineyards. Foradori’s vineyards are situated on the banks of the Adige river in northern Italy and the region is famous for the Teroldego grape, the variety is first mentioned in writing as far back as 1383. The winemaker, Elisabetta Foradori, makes biodynamic wine and her single vineyard Sgarzon is fermented and aged in terra cotta amphora. I do like biodynamic wines!  I don’t know much about amphora but I’m always intrigued by them when I see them in winery cellars. Foradori’s amphora come from a  small village in Spain and are individually made by one man.

This wine is about as non-commercial as you can get. Elisabetta took over the family vineyards in 1985 (she was just out of high school) when her father suddenly passed away. Over the years, she realised that conventional farming was harming the land and in 2000 made the switch to biodynamic farming.  She uses the amphora for her single vineyard wines because she believes the clay connects cosmic energy with the earth and the amphora allow a small but important exchange of air in the winemaking process.

The wine is a deep garnet in colour, with loads of black plum, dark cherry and a hint of minerality and herbs on the nose. A tasty, medium bodied wine, tart red cherry, plum and spices on the palate with a long finish, the cherries seem to linger on the back of my throat. Fresh and refreshing, I could easily while away an evening with this bottle close at hand. The Sgarzon is available by the glass/bottle (£9/£44) and, as this is a wine bar/shop, you can also take a bottle home (£34 takeaway) with you.

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