2009 Millesima tasting

Mar 28, 11 2009 Millesima tasting

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It’s not only possible but it’s also very easy to go to Bordeaux and back in a day from London. I’m talking from personal experience as I recently flew down for the day for Millésima’s annual Panorama Tasting. Millésima is one of the biggest negociants in Bordeux, handling many top cru classes of Bordeaux,...

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Visiting Ch. Lascombes and a sneak peek at ’09 and ’10

En primeur is coming up fast in Bordeaux. I don’t know a lot about en primeur, I must confess. I knew of en primeur but it’s only recently that I was able to actually visit Bordeaux and taste en primeur. You’re probably thinking, hang on a minute Denise, how did you taste en primeur 2010? It’s not 2010 en...

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St Emilion Grand Cru Classe ’07 vs ’08

I went to a trade tasting last week for the wines of St. Emilion featuring their Grand Cru Classes. St. Emilion unlike the Left Bank of Bordeaux, which has only ever classified their wines once, back in 1855, re-classifies their wines every 10 years. This in and of itself is quite interesting because there can be no resting on your...

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Cheval Blanc, the secret’s in the…

Cheval Blanc. To those unfamiliar with the wines of Bordeaux, it was the fine wine that Miles gloomily drank from a styrofoam cup with a burger in the movie Sideways. To Bordeaux wine afficionados, it’s one of the two wines that stand head and shoulders above the rest in St. Emilion, being designated a Premier Cru Grand...

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Hotel Du Vin in Poole and their recently launched Ecole du Vin

Oct 12, 10 Hotel Du Vin in Poole and their recently launched Ecole du Vin

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I stayed at a Hotel du Vin for the first time a few weeks ago. When we were shown to our room, I was a bit surprised to see upon entering a claw-footed bathtub at the foot of the bed. A bit taken aback, I asked the porter, um, does this room have a proper bathroom as well?  Actually, all the superior rooms and above at all the...

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