Brasserie Joel celebrates Eurostar’s 20th anniv. this May

May 06, 14 Brasserie Joel celebrates Eurostar’s 20th anniv. this May

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I love taking the Eurostar to Paris, I haven’t taken a plane to Paris since I don’t know when –  I always take the train. It’s just so much easier to go  via Eurostar and seems a more civilized way to travel, to me anyway. Eurostar is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, hard to believe that it’s only been around for 20 years, it seems to fit in seamlessly at St. Pancras/Kings Cross as if it’s been there forever. Brasserie Joel in the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel has launched a special menu to celebrate the 20 years of Eurostar service between London and Paris. Chef Walter Ishizuka has created a menu that encompasses favourite dishes from both cities. Chef Walter has an interesting background – a French chef of Japanese descent, he came to London after working under Chef Paul Bocuse in France. His Japanese heritage has influenced his cooking in creating French cuisine with a lighter flavours. The special menu starts off with Feuillete d’Escargot and Pork Pie. I love escargot and these were garlicky and not too chewy served on a wonderfully light puff pastry. I usually try and avoid breads and pastries but these were just too good to pass up. The pork pie served alongside the escargot was also very good, very morish. I had to stop eating them because I would have had no room for the  mains. Each dish was paired with a wine, the escargot with a Beaujolais-Villages and the pork pie with a Macon-Villages. Both wines were uncomplicated but fit the bill, complementing the food well. For the mains we had a choice of Boeuf Bourguignon served with a Cotes du Rhone and traditional Fish and Chips paired with a Touraine Sauvignon Blanc. The Boeuf was very tender as it should be and full of flavour, served with gnocchi a la parisienne, I could have eaten the whole plate but saved room for the crispy fish and chips. Everyone around the table commented on...

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Cuisine et Chansons at Brasserie Joel

Oct 10, 12 Cuisine et Chansons at Brasserie Joel

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I was invited to partake of the Cuisine et Chansons night recently at Brasserie Joel in the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. I remember when they were building that hotel but up until now, have never actually visited it. I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance and decor of the place. I quite liked it, all cool and sleek with lots of plate glass windows. You could even see Big Ben across the bridge from some of the Brasserie’s tables. Cuisine et Chansons is a monthly event that Brasserie Joel which I thorough enjoyed. A chance to enjoy hearty French food all the while being serenaded by a French singing chanteuse. In this case, that night’s entertainment was a duo called “Remembering Piaf”. Ok, it might sound a little cheesy but they were very good and the singer did evoke the Little Sparrow, small and pale, the red lipstick she wore seeming to emphasis her smallness. But what a voice, she could definitely fill the room! Of course she was singing French standards like “La Vie en rose” or “Non, Je ne regrette nien” but it all seemed to add to the atmosphere. The meal is served family style so even though we didn’t know the people at our table, we became fast friends once the wine started flowing. The month of October focused on the cuisine of the Rhone Alpes so naturally we had Rhone wines with dinner. There were 4 Rhone wines to choose from, 2 white and 2 red. I loved that there were two Rhone whites on the menu. White Rhones are often overlooked but they are great food wines and the two we had, Cotes du Rhone Les Rabassieres 2010 (£12.25 250ml glass, £28/bottle) and a white Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Bertheet Rayne, 2009 (£42/bottle) were both great dinner choices. Both wines showing lots of peaches and apricots on the palate and the Chateauneuf a big hit around the table with it’s elegant balanced body and clean finish. A board laden with...

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