Simi 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon and a Goodman Burger

Amongst my foodie friends there is a subset of them who are obsessed with finding the perfect burger. Like one that, let’s be honest, you can only really get in the States. A good, old-fashioned, tasty and cheap burger. Cheap being the operative word. So far, I haven’t found one that compares to what you can get back home but I did have a very tasty (and pricy) burger the other night with a group of food bloggers at Goodman Steakhouse in Mayfair. This being Mayfair, we were treated to a starter of wagyu carpaccio with shaved parmesan. Definitely not something you’d find on the menu at In-n-Out. After that we settled in to wait for our burgers. And what a burger, only the top cuts going into this sucker. It certainly was very good but it should be at £12 a pop. The Chef came out to talk us through the burger and he disclosed that the secret to such flavourful burgers was chopped onions. I knew it! That’s just what my mom puts in her minced beef when she’s making burgers for the grill. Perusing the wine menu looking for a wine match (well, we were dining in Mayfair), I spied a bottle of ’02 Simi Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley for only £40. I was suspicious as to why it was so reasonable but ordered it anyway, thinking if it was bad, I could always tell the foodies they just didn’t know what California wine tastes like! What a lovely wine it was. Very aromatic, berries, leather and many savoury aromas floating around, mingled with spicy, saddle shop notes and even a few whispers of licorice. Swilling it around, it was soft and velvety, full of red and blackberries, again the leather and spice integrated in there with a dark chocolate finish. I really enjoyed this wine, very well balanced and a real steal! I spoke to the manager later and he told me that the wine had fallen into their hands as...

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