Spur of the moment foodie weekend in Paris

Jan 18, 12 Spur of the moment foodie weekend in Paris

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I always enjoy last minute trips the most. There’s something about the spontaneity of getting up and going without knowing anything about the trip. This trip was not entirely unknown, I did know we were going to be staying in Central Paris at the Hotel Tremoille and we were there to sample their champagne and caviar package. The Hotel Tremoille is ideally situated, close to the Champs Elysee and a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower. Despite the fact that I’ve been to Paris many times before, there’s something about rounding the corner every time we left the hotel and being confronted by this steel skeleton that took my breath away. Even though I knew it was there, it still took me by surprise. A four star joint, the rooms were very comfy, classic but also modern at the same time and the bed pillows! I wanted to take one home (I didn’t), they were some of the best pillows I’ve ever slept on. Champagne and caviar, who doesn’t want to indulge a little when they’re visiting Paris? The hotel has a chic little bar snack – the Maison Kaviari’s l’en K de Caviar  which comes in ultra sleek tins which slide open to reveal the hermetically sealed caviar (15g of Ostreta or Krista) inside along with a serving spoon. Leave it to the French to come up with caviar on the go. Coupled with a glass of Perrier-Jouet and a side of blinis, it does whet the appetite for dinner. The bar also offers a shot of ice cold vodka or wine if you prefer. That’s certainly one way to start the weekend. The next day we had a food walking tour in the 7th arrondissement, The Baguettes to Bistro tour put together by Context Travel. I really enjoyed it and our guide, Meg of ParisbyMouth was  full of food facts and great fun. As an added bonus, she took us to a taxidermy shop, Deyrolle, which has been around since 1831. It...

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“Let them eat caviar”, thus spaketh Bob Bob

Let them eat caviar! Forget all those gloom and doom sayers, all those folks complaining about the state of our current situation. What we all need is to get down to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho to forget about our everyday woes and immerse ourselves in a spot of gustatory pampering. I’m talking about Bob Bob’s latest lunchtime special. Bob Bob Ricard want to become known as “the number one choice for caviar in London” and they have come up with a cracker of a deal, the Caviar lunch. £19.75 gets you 10g of caviar with sour cream and blinis ( normally £24 at Harrod), a choice of either meat pelmeni or truffle and potato vareniki and a shot of Russian Standard vodka.While you’re perusing the menu, you can always order the Rhubarb G&T. A unique concoction made up by Bob Bob (aka Leonid Shutov, one half of Bob Bob Ricard) himself, the rhubarb is made to a secret recipe and the result is an amazingly tasty G&T. Bob Bob Ricard is a throwback to a more glamorous age, I’m thinking Mad Men but without all the social ills of that day, (thinking racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc). It’s the only all booth restaurant in London and has the unique “press for Champagne” button at each booth. Be careful, I’ve pushed that button and it ain’t cheap! The caviar lunchtime special will be running throughout the month of August until 5pm everyday, so hop on down. Bob Bob Ricard is at 1 Upper James St., W1F 9DF Tel: 020 3145 1000 reservations@bobbobricard.com Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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