Malmaison’s Olympic cocktails

Jul 27, 12 Malmaison’s Olympic cocktails

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Just  a quick post today seeing as it’s the beginning of the Olympics. If you find yourself in Clerkenwell and fancy an Olympic themed cocktail, head over to Malmaison Hotel. They’ve come up with a string of cocktails for their guests. Going for the gold? Try the Gold Martini, vodka based with elderflower cordial, it’s finished off with a garnish of edible gold powder.  Second prize goes to the Silver Martini, a very fresh gin based cocktail, it reminded me of alcoholic lemonade and was waaaay to easy to drink. Although it’s called the Bronze Martini, it was my favourite, a whiskey based cocktail, it was very similar to my favourite –  a Manhattan, and was garnished with edible bronze powder. There were also a few other cocktails on the list, including the Olympic Flame, a long,tall and quite fruity drink, the very pretty Team GB Martini and, the most enticing to me, although I didn’t order them, the 5 Olympic shots – pretty much pure liquor shots. If you’re curious, here’s what they’re made of… Blue: 15ml Blue curacao, 20ml Absolut vanilla Black: 35ml Patron XO Cafe Red: 15ml Grenadine, 20ml Absolut Citron Yellow: 15ml Galliano, 20ml Absolut Mandrin Green: 15ml Midori, 20ml Absolut Apeach Malmaison will be running these cocktails throughout the Games so pop in if you’re around Clerkenwell. Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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Bistro du Vin Clerkenwell (and soon to be in Soho)

I’ve been to the Bistro du Vin Clerkenwell now a couple of times, once for dinner and once for lunch and both times I can say that I enjoyed not only the meals but also the wineslists. I know I’m a bit of  a wine geek (ok, a lot of a wine geek) but I do love to look at winelists whenever I visit a new place and see if there are any surprises to be found. One thing that Bistro du Vin, actually all of the Hotel du Vins (which BdV is part of) do is always have something interesting on the list. Bistro du Vin is a spin off of the Hotel du Vin chain that was founded in 1994 Gerard Basset, MW, MS and recent OBE. He sold it off in 2004 but they have continued on in their philosophy of focusing on wine and affordable luxury. I had lunch at the first Bistro du Vin in Clerkenwell earlier this week and love the ambiance of the joint. Dark wood floors, a line of banquets decorated with photos of the Smithfields market and surrounding area and a wraparound bar around the kitchen where you can watch the chefs whip up your meal or grill your steak on the Josper grill.  A special feature of the place is the line of enomatic machines that line one wall as you walk in from the bar. They have about 20 wines by the glass in there and are changed frequently so guests have the chance to try a whole range of wines. From Ch. Palmer 98 to 0’6Suckfizzle Semillion/s.blanc to a Portuguese red, there is something for everyone. The restaurant is split in two with one side having a bar/lounge area where you can have a cocktail or two before sitting down. I asked the sommelier, Pierre Pattieu to pick my wines for me, just to see if he was up for the job. Pierre comes from the Hotel du Vin in Cambridge and...

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