Dom Perignon 2002 rose – Intensely sublime

Jan 30, 13 Dom Perignon 2002 rose – Intensely sublime

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Looking forward to trying the latest release of Dom Perignon rosé, the 2002? Well, too late. It was released yesterday in the UK and the entire allocation is gone!  That was fast but after being one of the lucky ones to be invited to the launch yesterday at Leighton House Museum, I can see why it flew off the shelves. When the cellar master himself, Richard Geoffroy, says that the 2002 rose is “one of the closest to the ideal” of what a rosé champagne should be, it’s not surprising that it’s been snapped up so quickly. Yesterday was the launch of the 2002 rosé here in the UK at Leighton House Museum. It was rather fitting that the launch was in Leighton House as the musuem is treasure trove of priceless Islamic tiles that Lord Leighton collected in his lifetime. Very apropos considering the official world wide launch of the 2002 was in Istanbul last week. We were seated around a square pond in the Arab Hall, which puts one very much in mind of the sitting room of a Turkish palace. And in the middle of the room, Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy walked us through our first tasting of the 2002 rosé. Richard believes that the 2002 is a statement about pinot noir, that it is about intensity and volume, a full bodied wine with room for creamy expansion. One thing that did surprise me about the rosé was the colour. I would expect a rosé that is over 10 years old to be showing it’s age but the 2002 was still looking very youthful. It was a bright strawberry hue and could easily have been mistaken for a much younger wine. So what did I think of the rosé? It was an intense wine. I think I wrote on my FB wall something about it being the Christopher Walken of rosé champagne. And it is – smouldering & intense with deep fruit flavours and aromas – cherry, black cherry, smoke, iodine,...

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