Hotel Du Vin in Poole and their recently launched Ecole du Vin

Oct 12, 10 Hotel Du Vin in Poole and their recently launched Ecole du Vin

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I stayed at a Hotel du Vin for the first time a few weeks ago. When we were shown to our room, I was a bit surprised to see upon entering a claw-footed bathtub at the foot of the bed. A bit taken aback, I asked the porter, um, does this room have a proper bathroom as well?  Actually, all the superior rooms and above at all the Hotel du Vins have bathtubs in the actual bedrooms as well as full, separate bathrooms with monsoon showers. The Dom Perignon suite even has two bathtubs side by side so you and your loved one can bath together -but not together. Giordana (my Italian flatmate who came along with me for the weekend) and I both thought that was bit peculiar, why would you take a bath NEXT to your partner but, hey, this is England and we ARE foreigners. OR, maybe the second bath tub is there to be filled with ice and bottles of Dom? The bath anyway, was wasted on us as we were there to review the new Ecole du Vin that the hotel sommelier Ronan Sayburn, Master Sommelier, was relaunching at the Poole hotel. We did however, manage to put the tub to use (pictured). Speaking with Ronan during drinks the first evening, I asked him  how he was going to go about conducting a wine school for groups of varied guests some of which would probably be quite knowledgeable about wine while others would not have a clue, other than “knowing what I like”. Ronan said that was part of the challenge for him, as well as part of the fun of the entire wine school concept: to come up with a fun wine weekend that wouldn’t bore the casual wine drinkers or the wine anoraks among the guests but be enjoyable and educational for everyone.     That weekend the theme was the wines of Bordeaux. The wine weekends start off with a wine dinner on Friday nite and...

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