Bottle Apostle

In Italy, it’s commonplace to find enomatic machines in wine shops but the trend is still catching on here in London. There are only a few places I know of that have those machines on tap, so to speak. The Sampler in Islington and Kensington Wine Room being the two I can name off the top of my head. And now I can add Bottle Apostle to the list. Bottle Apostle is in East London. I’d heard of these guys but it wasn’t til I moved north of the river and just a hop, skip, and jump from Victoria Park, that I had a chance to visit. A very cute little corner shop in the village of Victoria Park, I met owner Andrew Bakin one rainy afternoon. Andrew was inspired to open Bottle Apostle because he wanted a wine shop that was non-intimidating and comfortable but with a good selection of wines, a place where customers could walk in without feeling lost and maybe even learn a bit about wine. There are 4 enomatic machines,2 whites and 2 reds for your wine elucidation. I really liked the selection of wines that were on offer. Andrew prefers to stock the more interesting wines, ranging from German rieslings and Italian falanghina to Lebanese and Portugese reds, all of which are available to sample from the enomatic machines. He also has more traditional wines from smaller producers, Meursault¬† to Haut-Bages Liberal as well as some quality Italian wines and a healthy selection of California wines as well as New Zealand, South Africa and a small contigent of South Americans. I’m not going to list any of the wines from the machines because they change frequently. As soon as one runs out, it’s replaced with something different. That’s one way to keep you coming back, you never know what’s going to be in the machines. The prices are also reasonable for the 30ml samples, most ranging in price from 50p to ¬£1.75 depending on the wine. There were...

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