Getting to grips with Champagne – a primer

Aug 22, 13 Getting to grips with Champagne – a primer

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I love Champagne and it is one of the most popular high-end drinks on the market with people across the globe enjoying this bubbly beverage. French law states that, in order to be called champagne, drinks must be produced in designated areas within the Champagne region of the country and according to strict standards and processes....

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Guest Post, Caroline Henry – La Fine Bulle a perfect place to relax and discover new Champagnes in Epernay

Guest Post – There are so many great wine blogs out there in the blogosphere. These guest posts are an effort to introduce you to my fellow wine bloggers, people who’s blogs I enjoy reading and who I’ve met up with over a glass or two. Cheers!  Epernay lies in the centre of the Champagne region and is considered...

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Visiting the house of J de Telmont champagne

Nov 08, 10 Visiting the house of J de Telmont champagne

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I had to choose between taking a 7am flight from Heathrow or catching the 6:55 am Eurostar. No brainer. Why would anyone want to go to Heathrow when you can jump on the Eurostar and be in Paris in 2 hours?  Not to mention, skipping the hassle and expense of getting to Heathrow. Did I mention that you also get a lovely Continental...

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