Debut of the Bruno Paillard Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru 2002

Jun 12, 13 Debut of the Bruno Paillard Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru 2002

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More champagne today. As Liberace said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful…”  (I just saw “Behind the Candelabra” – good movie but didn’t knock my socks off. And that is the end of my film critic career…) ANYWAY, back to the more important stuff…It’s that time of year when the champagne houses release their vintages and Alice  Paillard was in London last week to introduce the Bruno Paillard Blanc de Blanc Grande Cru 2002 and it’s brand new label. Sitting with Alice and listening her speak so passionately about her family’s champagnes is infectious. Describing the champagnes, she really showed the care and detail that goes into all of them, not just the Blanc de Blanc. They age their wines until they feel they are ready, they want to show the style of  the vintages, which helps explain why they are just now releasing the 2002 when most of the other major houses have long ago released theirs. The 2002 Blanc de blanc Grand Cru was a surprise – still very taut and zinging with minerality, it has a floral quality to it. The grapes come the first pressing of 2 Cotes de Blancs Grand Cru – Oger and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and have spent over 10 years on their lees. Alice said that she and her father, Bruno, differed on this champagne, he thinks it’s pretty and floral and in her opinion, it’s a vertiginous champagne, it has a fine structure -she sees it as a champagne of geometry (I think her father is the romantic in the family and she’s the pragmatist). Drinking it, I could appreciate both their points of view. A very pretty nose, full of floral qualities but totally different on the palate – a champagne that does indeed have structure or better yet, for me, it had many different layers. The more I drank, the more I discovered. We had a starter of cured salmon, avocado, crab and orange slices with the B de B 2002 which...

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Video – Masterclass on the terroir of the Mosel, amongst the vines with Ernie Loosen

Aug 27, 12 Video – Masterclass on the terroir of the Mosel, amongst the vines with Ernie Loosen

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I had the pleasure of visiting Ernie Loosen earlier this summer in the Mosel Valley. We roamed around the Dr. Loosen grand cru vineyards on the slopes of the Mosel while Ernie proceeded to give a masterclass on the soils of the his and his neighbours vineyards. It was a fascinating and very informative morning. Afterwards we got to try his wines, from the entry level up to the Erdener Pralat. The previous evening we’d had some Pralat from the 80’s – fantastic whether young or old. So, without further ado, I will let Ernie do the talking about the amazing soils of the Mosel and the wines that are the result…. *warning, this video is for terroir geeks Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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2009 Millesima tasting

Mar 28, 11 2009 Millesima tasting

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It’s not only possible but it’s also very easy to go to Bordeaux and back in a day from London. I’m talking from personal experience as I recently flew down for the day for Millésima’s annual Panorama Tasting. Millésima is one of the biggest negociants in Bordeux, handling many top cru classes of Bordeaux, such  as Ch. Palmer, Ch. Lynch-Bage, and Ch. Leoville-Barton to name a few. The tasting was held in Millesima’s 200 year old cellar amongst cases and cases of grand cru, premier cru and other wines,they say they have over 2.5 million bottles of fine Bordeaux resting in their cave. I spied older vintages of Chateau Margaux, Cheval Blanc and Chateau Palmer piled high and waiting patiently. I would have loved to be let loose in there for a few hours with a corkscrew. The tasting was to showcase the 2009 vintage which is just now being released.What I found most interesting was that they had grouped the wines by appellation, all the St. Juliens together, all the Pauillacs together etc. It made for a not only comprehensive tasting but also made it very easy to distinguish the styles and terroir of each particular area. Impressions Millésima  tasting –2009 Panorama Tasting 2009’s mixed bag, was great to have all the appellations side by side as it was really evident the difference in the terroir and styles of the great wines of Bordeaux. Initially was disappointed with St. Emilion, thought it was all fruit and not much substance, but upon revisiting them a few hours later, found that they had evolved to have much more structure and the fruit had moved to the back of the palate Pauillac for me was the stand out, well balanced wines with plenty of structure, definitely built to last and quite savoury, intense fruit on the nose, spice on the palate, leather but very approachable now in a few years will definitely mature into beautiful wines,rich ripe, velvety tannins very evident, sweet fruit noses – Ch....

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