Ruinart Interpretation lunch

Apr 20, 11 Ruinart Interpretation lunch

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It’s a funny thing but now I’ve started to smell my food before I eat it. Granted, I don’t smell all my food but anytime I encounter a new dish or perhaps a new ingredient, I take a second before putting it into my mouth to think about it. I’ll take a deep whiff of it and  try and commit it to memory. It might seem a funny thing to do but it’s a habit that’s crossed over from my wine tasting duties. I’m probably not the only one who does that in the wine trade and it’s something that I find myself doing more and more. I went to a lunch the other day with the cellar master of the champagne house Ruinart, Frédéric Panaïotis who, although he didn’t mention he sniffed his food before eating it, is a man who very much lives by his nose. It’s up to Frederic to chose the wines that go into making the Ruinart champagnes and a big part of that, besides the taste, is the aromas of the wine. Frederic loves the aromas of his wines and he wanted to convey the exciting aromatic bouquet not only to connoisseurs but also the everyday champagne drinker. How to do that? What better way to explore the aromas of a wine then with a professional of the olfactory senses? Frederic teamed up with the internationally renowned aroma and flavour experts of International Flavours and Fragrances to pinpoint the aromas that make up Ruinart’s emblamatic cuvee, the blanc de blanc. Anne Flipo of IFF and Frederic got down to analyzing the aromas and came up with 8 distinct fragrances that make up the blanc de blanc. Ruinart wanted to share this experience with the world and developed the Ruinart Interpretation giftbox. The giftbox comprises 8 small bottles of one particular fragrance that is a component of the champagne. Our task before lunch was to sniff all 8 aromas individually (we dipped strips of paper into the bottles) and...

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