Say cheese at the Bistro du Vin, Soho

Bistro du Vin is rapidly expanding their empire and have now branched out to Soho. So you may think, another Bistro du Vin but this one has something the other two don’t – a dedicated walk-in cheese locker in the main dining room. You can’t miss it, a brightly lit glass room at the end of the bar. Currently...

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Lunching at Malmaison

It is now midnight as I write this and I am still full. There used to be this commercial that ran on American TV for Alka-Seltzer, the tagline was, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”. Despite the fact we didn’t “eat the whole thing”  as a matter of fact, we both took doggy bags home, we did...

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Cafe Luc, wine on tap

Wine on tap. Can I have one of those for my flat, please? While it might be unreasonable to have a 10 litre keg of wine in my flat, it’s a very good idea for restaurant house wines. Think of it, minimal wastage, stays fresh for at least a week and is very economical as the wine comes in a wine cask that can be easily and...

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Canapes and Champagne at Texture

May 06, 10 Canapes and Champagne at Texture

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Lately, The Winesleuth has been getting around the London restaurant scene. Last week I could be found in the bar of Texture, a recent winner of a Michelin star (Jan 2010), Texture was founded by Xavier Rousset and Agnar Sverrisson. Xavier was awarded UK Sommelier of the  Year at the tender age of 22 and met Agnar while they were...

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A case study and responses to BYOB in London

When I put out my little post asking why there wasn’t more BYOB in London, little did I know what a reaction I’d get! I seemed to have tapped into a wellspring of  discontent with the state of restaurant winelists and the ridiculously high markups that it seems many restaurants enforce. The response was incredible. Both...

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