What’s your Wine Sign? Find out in The Seychelles….

Dec 05, 10 What’s your Wine Sign? Find out in The Seychelles….

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I get lots of PR blurbs, all part of the territory when it comes to being a blogger and, after a cursory glance, they usually get discarded but I got one the other day that made me perk right up. I admit it, I’m a sucker for idyllic beaches and when I saw the word Seychelles, they had me. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the beaches of SE Asia and have many fond memories of days lazing on the beach. So the Seychelles are not in SE Asia you say? Well, close enough for me, I say. And when you have wine thrown into the mix…. I also thought it would be a good idea to put up lots of pictures of azure seas and luxurious island villas since the UK is currently suffering through a bitterly cold Autumn and I managed to escape it all by jetting off to South America for a working holiday. I usually associate tropical islands with pina coladas but the MAIA resort in the Seychelles has come up with an interesting concept for the many wine connoisseurs who visit the islands scattered about the Indian Sea.  It’s called the Wine Sign. Here’s what it is: MAIA has just launched The Wine Sign and is the first and only hotel to offer this new concept.  The programme offers guests a personal consultation with a specifically trained sommelier where they blind-taste six  Grands Crûs. It is designed for them to take advantage of MAIA’s exceptional wine cellar and is in keeping with MAIA’s philosophy to create unforgettable personal experiences for each and every guest.  Participants  in The Wine Sign  record their reactions and experience by means of a simple electronic voting system, the votes are then analysed by The Wine Sign’s exclusive software and the individual’s profile and taste is outlined using the eight existing Wine Signs – Gourmet, Strong, Refined, Sensual, Rebellious, Adventurous, Eternal and Trendy. Each participant then receives a personalised cellar book which features a...

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