The Girl and The Sleuth hit Covent Garden

Well, I have to say, I think I got the easy end of the deal for the Covent Garden Market Stall that  Eatlikeagirl and I did last week. After listening to her tell me about how she stayed up all night making soda bread (and it has to be the best soda bread this side of Cork) and the hours she spent cutting up cucumbers to be pickled, I was thankful that all I’d had to do was pick up the phone and place the prosecco order! Well, I was also in charge of procuring the ice bucket, cups and ice runs. And don’t forget, I did have to pour those heavy magnums! Seriously, it was sooo much fun! I love meeting the public and it was great to talk shop with people who are genuinely interested in what you’ve got on the table. Not to mention the fabulously tasty smoked salmon. It was a perfect partner for the prosecco. I love smoked salmon anyway but Frank Hederman is a magician. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to smoke the salmon in such a way that it’s unlike any other smoked salmon I’ve ever had. The flavour of the salmon was so intense, it was like smoked salmon on steroids and none of that oilyness that is so often sadly a hallmark of poorly smoked salmon. It was as if he somehow squeezed all the excess oil out of the salmon and just left essense of salmon. It was that good! And the prosecco was the perfect companion. Bisol’s Jeio is a light and fruity, lovely apples and pears on the nose and palate but not overly sweet, the bubbles just sweeping away the salmon and leaving my mouth ready for another salmon bite (that’s all we had time for, what with either serving up the salmon or dodging the rain, trying to make sure my laptop didn’t get wet). I really like the Jeio, it’s such an easy drinker...

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Prosecco & Smoked Salmon, coming up!

The Winesleuth usually GOES to events, not plans them, but for a change of pace I’ve teamed up with the London based Irish food blogger, Niamh of Eatlikeagirl to bring you smoked salmon and Bisol Prosecco. Next Thursday, 6 Aug., Niamh and I are going to be running a food and drink stall in Covent Garden as part of the Real Food Market at Covent Garden, happening every Thursday this summer. Niamh was approached not long ago to set up a stall and we thought it would be fun to do a type of pop-up bar smack in the middle of Covent Garden. I’ve been a big fan of Bisol prosecco ever since the Dolce Vita show held at Olympia back in April and had the chance to speak with Roberto Cremonese of Bisol (watch video below). It’s quality prosecco and the folks of Bisol have been producing it since 1542. Niamh is in charge of the food and she’ll be serving up smoked salmon from the fine Irish purveyor Frank Hederman, one of her favourites, accompanied by Niamh’s homemade brown Irish soda bread and homemade cucumber pickle. Sounds delicious and it should go down a treat with the prosecco. So, if you’re wandering around Covent Garden next Thursday and feeling a bit peckish, stop by and say hi to the Girl and The Sleuth! Where: Covent Garden When: 6 August from 12 noon to 8pm Price: TBD but will be reasonable! The Winesleuth chatting with Roberto back in April about Bisol Prosecco… [viddler id=7944d0b3&w=437&h=333] Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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