Taking tea at The Bath Priory

Bath has been a tourist destination since at least 43 AD when the Romans first set up a spa there and called is Acqua Sulis, so I guess I’m a bit of a johnny-come-lately to the charms of Bath. Despite it’s long history, there is still plenty to discover. I went along as a part of a group of food bloggers to visit the Bath Priory for afternoon tea. It was originally built as a private residence in 1835 and was privately purchased in 1969 and restored to open as a luxury hotel soon after. The design of the hotel is Gothic and it’s built from the traditional honey coloured Bath stone, although, you’d be hard pressed to find it under the ivy the covers the facade of the building. The Bath Priory Spa had recently gone through an extensive renovations and we got a nice little tour of not only the new spa but also the luxurious rooms that the Priory boasts. The hotel is just what you would imagine anĀ  English boutique hotel would be like replete with extensive gardens as well as plenty of dark wood panelling, Greek statuary and plush interiors. The spa boasts and indoor pool, heated outdoor pool, sun terrace, complete gym and a complete day spa for facials, massages and numerous other beauty treatments. Since we were there for tea, we settled into the main sitting room, with our charming hostess, Sue Williams, general manager of the hotel. Surrounded by works of art collected by the owners, the Brownsword’s and sitting in such luxurious surroundings having a proper English tea was so much fun! Now this is what I thought living in England would be like, not dodging buses and black cabs on my bicycle through the streets of London. What a far cry this was. We were served a variety of cakes, scones, finger sandwiches and a special pork sausage roll put on for us as well as a berry trifle that went down a storm....

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