Guest post – 5 incredible wine destinations

May 27, 13 Guest post – 5 incredible wine destinations

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When you’re looking for the perfect summer wine bottle, there are a lot of different routes you could take. You might do some research to figure out which types of wine pair best with your favourite summer meals. You might simply head to the closest Marks and Spencer and pick out a few featured bottles. Or you might try to find a local tasting where wonderful summer wines will be available for display and sampling. But, if you want to get particularly adventurous looking for great wine this summer, there is yet another appealing option to consider: travel. The world is full of spectacular wine regions with wonderful atmospheres and delicious wines, all just waiting to be enjoyed and sampled. In fact, there are almost so many great wine regions that it’s tough to choose one to visit. But to help you along, here are 5 particularly incredible destinations around the world. Puglia, Italy You may think first of sprawling fields when you hear the word “vineyard,” and in this sense Puglia is a unique wine destination. A small peninsula surrounded by water so blue it seems straight out of a fantasy, Puglia is home to old world architecture and an isolated feeling that makes you feel privileged just to be there. Throw in exquisite wine and you’ve got a magnificent vacation! Douro Valley, Portugal The Douro River winds through a valley between hills dotted with beautiful vineyard terraces in this otherworldly destination. Picturesque without being cluttered or overpopulated, the Douro Valley offers a selection of very old vineyards with very fine wine. In particular, you’ll want to make sure you try some of this region’s renowned Port selections. Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil Known primarily for its active and vibrant cities and its festive beaches, Brazil is also home to some of the most fascinating wine country in South America. Largely thanks to Italian immigrants from the 19th century, Vale dos Vinhedos almost resembles the mountains, green wine regions of Europe more than any traditional Brazilian landscape, and offers a massive selection of fine wines. There’s plenty to see and do throughout...

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Krug Celebration – a tasting, Clos d’Ambonnay & Clos du Mesnil

May 03, 13 Krug Celebration – a tasting, Clos d’Ambonnay & Clos du Mesnil

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Despite all that Krug the night before, I didn’t have even a headache the next day. I’m not sure if that is is a good or bad thing, the ability to drink copious amounts of Krug and feel fine the next day but maybe I’m just lucky. We started bright and early with a short tour of the cellars and the winery. Krug uses oak barrels for all its fermenting and aging. However, as Eric pointed out, the barrels are all old barrels, most averaging about 20 years of age, the oldest dating back to 1964. An interesting side note, all champagne houses historically used oak barrels until the 1960’s when the change was made, seemly en masse, to stainless steel or concrete. After the tour, we commenced a tutored tasting of the 2012 vintage base wines. Chef de Cave Eric Lebel and his team of winemakers walked us through the 2012 vintage. Krug had just finished blending their 2012 Grande Cuvee and it was fascinating to get to try the base wines or vin clair as they are called in French. The base wines are still wines that are blended before going through the second fermentation. Kurg uses chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier in their Grande Cuvee. 2012 was a difficult year, having late frost, mildew and uneven flowering but luckily a warm and sunny August and September saved the vintage and although it was small, it has proven to be a great year. If you’ve never tried base wines, let me tell you now, it’s not exactly a pleasurable experience – base wines are naturally very acidic with not a lot of body, they’re not meant to be drunk now but only after going through the second fermentation and after many years in the cellar. Trying the base wines certainly does give you an appreciation for the imagination, artistry and hard work that goes into blending the wines that eventually become champagne. Krug have 3 main criteria when they are choosing...

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Tiago Alves do Sousa, talking about the vineyards of the Douro Valley

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.11234640&w=450&h=325&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] 1st collector for Tiago Alves do Sousa, talking about the vineyar…Follow my videos on vodpod Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketRedditGoogleTumblrEmailPrintPinterestLike this:Like...

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