A wine lunch with 8 guys and one woman (that’d be me)

The wine trade in general is quite male dominated but it didn’t really hit me until I was invited to have lunch with John Duval, ex-Penfold’s,winemaker of Grange, at Apsleys in the Lanesborough Hotel, Central London to taste his wines from his latest venture with Ventisquero wines of Chile. I was, um, slightly late so imagine my surprise when I turned up to lunch and seeing as I was the last one there, seated at the top of the table with a total of 8 fellows seated on either side of me. But whatever, I rolled with it and after settling in and having a glass of sauvignon blanc poured for me, while not commandeering the conversation, was at the very least holding my own, thank you very much. But it did make me stop and think, why aren’t more women involved in wine blogging? Sure you have you’re Jancis Robinson and Natalie McClean but neither classify as bloggers and Natalie lives and writes in America. I know wine is intimidating to many, many people but there are certainly plenty of male wine bloggers out there so why so few women? It was one question all the men at lunch asked me and one which I am frankly not sure how to reply. Is it because we women don’t like to voice our opinions?!?! I hardly think that is the answer but if not, then what? Is it the prospect of voicing an opinion about wine to men that makes us women a bit gun shy, as another female friend suggested? Perhaps it’s a lack of European wine bloggers in general (I am writing this from my home in London)? Vinography,  an often thought provoking American wine blog -written by a man, asked recently, why are there not more European wine bloggers? Is it a cultural thing? Or perhaps, women are just too busy juggling all other aspects of their lives to devote the time and energy needed to write a wine blog. Of...

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