A Comte cheese tasting

Jan 06, 14 A Comte cheese tasting

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Contributed by Anna von Bertele “Taste can be compared to music: we hear music as a whole, but if we listen more carefully we can make out each particular instrument and every single note of the score … Let Comté, the traditional cheese made in the Jura massif, play its delicate music on the instruments of your...

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Spur of the moment foodie weekend in Paris

Jan 18, 12 Spur of the moment foodie weekend in Paris

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I always enjoy last minute trips the most. There’s something about the spontaneity of getting up and going without knowing anything about the trip. This trip was not entirely unknown, I did know we were going to be staying in Central Paris at the Hotel Tremoille and we were there to sample their champagne and caviar package....

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Say cheese at the Bistro du Vin, Soho

Bistro du Vin is rapidly expanding their empire and have now branched out to Soho. So you may think, another Bistro du Vin but this one has something the other two don’t – a dedicated walk-in cheese locker in the main dining room. You can’t miss it, a brightly lit glass room at the end of the bar. Currently...

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