Tokaji – a sweet, sweet visit to Hungary

Jan 13, 14 Tokaji – a sweet, sweet visit to Hungary

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I don’t exactly remember the first time I tried tokaji but I’m pretty sure it was a Disznoko tokaji as that’s the name that most sticks in my mind whenever I think of tokaji. Tokaji comes from Hungary and is made from grapes that have been left on the vine for as long as possible. This results in botrytis which...

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Christmas dinner SOS, affordable wines for about a tenner – video

I know I’m not really known for my budget friendly wines, what with all that Krug I’ve been guzzling lately, but I do keep up with what’s going on in the supermarkets and when asked me to do a video with my recommendations for value for money wines this holiday season, it wasn’t too...

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Cheval Blanc, the secret’s in the…

Cheval Blanc. To those unfamiliar with the wines of Bordeaux, it was the fine wine that Miles gloomily drank from a styrofoam cup with a burger in the movie Sideways. To Bordeaux wine afficionados, it’s one of the two wines that stand head and shoulders above the rest in St. Emilion, being designated a Premier Cru Grand...

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Moscato di Scanzo,a legendary Italian sweet red wine

Oct 08, 10 Moscato di Scanzo,a legendary Italian sweet red wine

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A nice way to end a meal is with a sweet wine and what better way to end Italian week here at Winesleuth then with a bit of Moscato. Not any moscato mind, but Moscato di Scanzo, a red sweet wine that comes from the hills of Bergamo. The Moscato¬† di Scanzo was recently given it’s own DOCG (in 2002) and is the first DOCG of...

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What’s for dessert? Forrest Estate Botrytised Riesling 2006

What’s for dessert? No matter how many courses there may be for a meal, whether it be 2 or 8, I always look forward to the dessert or pudding (as they call it here in England) course. An amusing story regarding the word”pudding”. Years ago when I first came to London from California, fresh out of university, I got...

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