A visit to English Vineyard, Albourne Estate

Jun 05, 17 A visit to English Vineyard, Albourne Estate

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One unusually bright and sunny Sunday in May, I went down to Sussex to visit Albourne Estate. Situated  about an hour’s drive from London, the vineyards are in an idyllic setting amongst the green and rolling hills of southern England. The estate was founded  and is run by winemaker and co-owner Alison Nightingale. Alison...

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English Wine arrives at The Ritz

Aug 16, 16 English Wine arrives at The Ritz

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English wine used to literally be a joke in the wine industry, not in part due to the fact that it was thought that this country was too wet and soggy to actually produce quality wine. But, an intrepid band of wine pioneers planted the first vines back in the 50’s and with a big push in the 90’s and early 2000’s,...

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The Gallivant – an English Seaside Hideaway

May 20, 15 The Gallivant – an English Seaside Hideaway

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I’ve always loved to visit the seaside. As a kid growing up in Central California, we would often take road trips to the beach and stay overnight in little seaside hotels. The Gallivant just outside Rye in Sussex aims to capture that easy going California vibe – and I think they are quite successful at doing that. Situated across...

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Celebrity Cruising at Vinopolis

Mar 12, 12 Celebrity Cruising at Vinopolis

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“Love. Exiciting and new. Come aboard. We’re expecting youuuuu. The Looooooooove boat….” It’s amazing but I can still remember the words to that cheesy 80’s sitcom set on a cruise ship. And much like the 80’s, cruise ships have always seemed a bit cheesy to me. That is until I was...

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Lunching at Roast with Chapel Down sparklers and others

I went to Roast the other day for lunch. I was invited to partake in a social media experiment where we bloggers were invited to help out with making up a menu for our readers. So I found myself overlooking  Borough Market last week in the bar of Roast. Along with me were my fellow bloggers, eatlikeagirl, spittoon, intoxicating...

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