We made the final cut! Now please Vote for Guerilla Wine tasting and send us to Argentina

Hi Everyone! A few weeks ago  Eatlikeagirl and I got a gorilla suit, wines from Viniportugal and twittered a secret location for folks to come down and drink with a gorilla. We videoed the whole thing and entered it in as our entry for the Bibendum Times/ Argento contest. The whole idea behind the contest was to submit an entry...

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Guerilla Wine Tasting: A Guest Post from Gorilla

I’m so tired of wine being exclusive. I’m so bored of the London scene. Why can’t us Gorillas have some of the action? I love wine and I think I understand it, so I sent a message out to fellow wine lovers. “Join me by the river to explore and enjoy good wine.” We had fun. We had wine. You saw what all...

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