Bruchicello Cataratto – Summer white

May 05, 20 Bruchicello Cataratto – Summer white

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Cataratto is often produced in bulk and sold as a cheap Italian white wine. Cataratto means ‘abundance’ in the local dialect, which is probably why it is known as a cheap and cheerful white. But when it is produced by small family run vineyards with the utmost attention, as the Bruchicello Cataratto is, it can be a...

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[PODCAST] A Chat with Caroline Henry About Her New Book, Terroir Champagne

Feb 20, 15 [PODCAST] A Chat with Caroline Henry About Her New Book, Terroir Champagne

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I’ve started podcasting again and my first new podcast is with my friend and Champagne expert, Caroline Henry. Caroline has been living in the region for the past 3 years in Hautvillers.  In that time she has become aware of the sustainable, organic and biodynamic movement in the region. So much so, that she is now writing a...

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Are you going to S.F.? If so, don’t bring me back any wine under $20 bucks*

“All the leaves are brown…and the sky is grey. I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day….” Typical cold, drizzly, sun-goes-down-at-4pm-in-London-late November afternoon and I was walking to the Hoxton in Shoreditch for the  Wine Institute of California’s first official bloggers meetup. We...

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