Castello di Radda, premium Chianti Classico

Jun 20, 17 Castello di Radda, premium Chianti Classico

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Chianti is probably the most well known Italian wine brand around. We all think we know it but do we really? Recently I attended a dinner for Castello di Radda hosted by Italian wine expert Walter Speller. The dinner was at Sartoria in Mayfair and featured the wines of Castello di Radda paired with a four course meal. The evening...

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Castello Banfi Brunello and a long Friday lunch

My infatuation with Italian wine continues. A is for Amarone. B is for Brunello di Montelcino, bodalicious, complex, tasty, lipsmackingly satisfying (ok,so I’m skipping around the alphabet and making up words) you get the point, I do love those Italians. Growing up with only the familiar wicker covered funnily shaped bottles...

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