Dinner with Santa Maria’s new Latin American Kitchen range

Jun 14, 17 Dinner with Santa Maria’s new Latin American Kitchen range

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Last night I attended the Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen dinner hosted by Food Blogger Rosana McPhee (Hot & Chilli) and The London Foodie, Luiz Hara in North London. The evening was a showcase of Santa Maria’s new range of sauces, rice, seasonings, tortillas, toppings and sides. Everything in the new range has been...

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Two Argentine whites for the holidays

Although it’s freezing cold outside,( in Europe at any rate, I’m still sunning myself in South America) there’s always room for white wine, whether as an aperitif or something to go with a roast chicken dinner, white wine is a lovely choice. Pinot grigio is often the go-to drink when people are looking for a light...

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Torrontes on the beach

It’s amazing how easy it is to waste time on Twitter! As much as I love it, it can be a distraction. For example, I got up at noon today (really, I’m an early riser, well 9-ish most days but I’m still recovering from jet lag) all ready to finish off this here post and then the little bird started chirping at me....

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Finca Sophenia ’06 Synthesis Malbec and Altosur Torrontes

When S. American wines are mentioned, Chile springs to most peoples minds but Argentina has been making a serious effort to compete with the Chileans here in the UK. While premium Argentine wines have made quite a splash in the US, they’re just beginning to make a dent in consumer consciousness here in the UK. I went to a tasting...

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