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The Winesleuth at Clos St. Hilaire, Champagne

The Winesleuth at Clos St. Hilaire, Champagne

I accept paid advertisements, featured posts, competitions and text links. If you or your company would like to advertise on The Winesleuth, just give a shout,

Want to get to know wine a bit more intimately? I also conduct wine tastings tailored to your needs. Whether it’s for big or small groups, I try to make wine and tasting it all a bit more fun.

I’m also available for social media consulting.  Don’t know how Google+ works? Need some Twitter advice? Can’t get your head around the whole bloggers scene? I’ve been around and am very active and engaged with other food and wine bloggers, you know where to find me:

My motto is “always looking for the good stuff” and I do my best to seek out and write about the more interesting wines out there.  Although I do write The Winesleuth for me, I am available for freelance writing assignments. I’m also available for press trips, having participated in many over the years, including recent trips with the CIVB, BIVB, The Four Seasons Hotels, Emirates Airlines, Discover the Origins, Billecart-Salmon Champagne, Krug Champagne, and The Circle of Wine Writers, just in the first 5 months of 2013 alone.

I accept samples for review although I cannot guarantee that it will be a glowing review. I prefer to write about wine from a positive point of view. I know and appreciate how difficult and what a long time it takes to get from the field to the table. If I do however come across a truly badly made wine, I will most likely let my readers know to steer clear! If you’d like me to review any samples, you know what to do:


  1. Love the post! We need tips on Epernay as Thea and I are going end of March. Also, one of my friends who bought our BrixChick charity dinner was telling me to check out this super cool blog: The Wine Sleuth! Ha! You are internationally famous, Denise! Love your work

    • Thanks, Liza! Actually, I’m doing research right now on the best places in Epernay/Reims so stay tuned. If you want, feel free to drop me a line for more detailed info. I might still be here end of March,would love to meet up! ps – HAHAHAH! I’m internationally famous!

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