Spotlight on biodynamic wines at Tozi in Pimlico

Jul 11, 17 Spotlight on biodynamic wines at Tozi in Pimlico

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Tozi in Pimlico have recently put a spotlight on biodynamic and natural Italian wines they feature on their wine list. Tozi is a Venetian -Italian restaurant that focus on small plates of Italian food or ‘cicchetti’, as it’s known in the Veneto region. The biodynamic and natural wine movement has always been quite...

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Tozi, cicchetti in London

Jul 09, 13 Tozi, cicchetti in London

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Prosecco may be very popular but as my Italian friend, Giordi, always tells me – ┬áit’s too sweet here in England. So when we sat down at the new Italian restaurant Tozi and were presented with 2 glasses of prosecco, I wondered what she would say. After taking a sip,she pronounced it as it should be, dry and refreshing....

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