My New Favourite Gadget, the Tofuture Press

Sep 24, 18 My New Favourite Gadget, the Tofuture Press

I usually focus on wine here on Wine Sleuth with the occasional foray into food.  Recently, I have taken tentative steps into veganism and tofu naturally figures high in a vegans diet, except this one, who loves to cook at home. So when I was asked if I would like to try out a new tofu press, I jumped on it.

Normally, I don’t cook much with tofu at home but the Tofuture tofu press has made a convert out of me. I love it! It’s very easy to use and there’s no searching for extra heavy books or cans to use as makeshift presses and no hassling with messy, soggy towels. For those of you unfamiliar with tofu pressing, basically it’s done to get rid of excess water in tofu, this makes it quite firm and when cooking with it, it can resemble chicken, if pressed long enough.

I couldn’t wait to try mine out. I found a recipe for Spicy Sesame Crunchy Tofu and got to work. Or rather my Tofuture press got to work. It was so easy, open the tofu, pop it in the press, make sure it’s secured tightly and then forget about it for an hour or so. I like to press mine for a long time so it get’s nice and firm. I marinated the tofu for about an hour after pressing. Tofu takes on the flavours of marinades, sauces or whatever it’s been mixed with, so the less water there is in the tofu, the more flavourful the tofu in your dish will be.

Spicy Sesame Crunchy Tofu with Cauliflower Rice & Peas

I liked the texture of the tofu after using the press and this recipe came out really delicious. I even made it for a non-vegan friend of mine and she approved of the texture of the tofu.

I use my Tofuture press all the time now and as someone who used to hate the texture of tofu, this press has opened up a whole new world to me.


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