Bibulous Pop up World of Drinks

at Vinopolis

Ok, seems I’m not the only one making up words. Friday Nov. 27th and Saturday Nov 28th Bibulous is coming to the Great Halls of Vinopolis in Borough Market

Bibulous billed as The Drinks Experience  is a “pop up” drinks extravaganza, going on over the next two days. A chance to get out of the office early on Friday and head on down. There are 4 shows and  2 timed entries over Friday and Saturday afternoons. First entry is 1:30 on Friday afternoon, second entry at 6pm. Your ticket  gets you the chance to browse and sample various beers, gins,vodkas, ports, tequilas, absinthe, cocktails galore and a heck of a lot more.

Chairmans' Reserve vintage shack van

Tasting tables, cocktail tables, cocktail stations, tuitions and taste-ins hosted by top experts in the mixology field. Here’s just a taster what’s going on:

  • Gin Genius Gin Time with expert and author Geraldine Coates presenting 6 premium gins
  • Chairman’s Rum shack vintage van serving cocktails created by the Hoxton Pony
  • Green&Red Bar and Cantina Tequila taste-offs from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico
  • Beers from Around the World with beer experts, authors and bar reviewers Ben McFarland and Tom Sandman with Utobeer

mixing it up

Along with “mixology mayhem” with TV mixologist and Bibulous Tastemaster, Andy Pearson, who will be joined by various other expert mixologist from the top London bars. If anything, it should be a good time after you make your way through all those bibilicious* drinks. Tickets are £16 single or £25 the pair, also available at the door. I’ll be there on Friday afternoon so if you see me, be sure to say Hey!

*I’m pretty sure bibilicious is a word in the English language

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