We made the final cut! Now please Vote for Guerilla Wine tasting and send us to Argentina

TheWinesleuth as Gorilla (aka Denise Medrano)

Hi Everyone! A few weeks ago  Eatlikeagirl and I got a gorilla suit, wines from Viniportugal and twittered a secret location for folks to come down and drink with a gorilla. We videoed the whole thing and entered it in as our entry for the Bibendum Times/ Argento contest. The whole idea behind the contest was to submit an entry that was as inventive as possible about wine. Our idea was to show that good wine can be good fun!

Luckily, we made the final cut and now we need your help to win. Bibendum Times has put up the top 6 entries and it’s up to you to vote for your favourite. I hope the Guerilla Wine Tasting is your favourite, so please VOTE FOR US!!  Click here, we’re entry number 5, and hopefully you’ll be sending me and Eatlikeagirl to Argentina sometime in the Autumn. Thanks in advance and keep your eyes peeled for the next Guerilla WineTasting – will be announced on Twitter soon.

Voting ends Wednesday, March 17th at 5pm GMT. Just in case you missed it, here is the video,one more time:

UPDATE: WE WON and will be going to Argentina in the Fall! Thanks for all your support!


  1. sonia Nunez /

    Denise! You are too funny!!!! Great video and concept (the dancing wasn’t bad either)! I hope it’s ok, I’ve linked to your entry on my fb page. Best of luck to ya, hope you make it to Argentina!!!!

    • Thanks for linking to us! Unfortunately there seems to be massive voter fraud (well, it is for a trip to Argentina would be strange if there were NO voter fraud) but we’re working on it. Vote for Guerilla!Cheers! 🙂

  2. You’ve got my vote. I wore a gorilla suit once to a school fancy dress disco. Came down stairs after changing into it and met our big black tom cat on his way up. He stopped, looked at me, inflated to 10 times his normal size, let out a piercing shreak and fled in a flash. It was weeks before he came back in the house…. I’m not kidding!

    • Hi Jonathan, that is sooo funny!! I have to say nothing like that happened to me while I was wearing the gorilla suit but I’m pretty sure I scared quite a few joggers along the Thames. They certainly didn’t want anything to do with a gorilla offering wine – even if she did speak with an American accent! I’ll see what effect I have on urban pets at the next guerilla tasting – stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!


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