Chatting with Jean Trimbach

Some of my favourite wines are from Alsace. I absolutely adore those gewurztraminers and rieslingsĀ  that can really only be produced at the foot of the France’s Vosges Mountains.

I’ve talked about Hugel and now it’s that other big Alsatian hitter, Trimbach. Trimbach have been producing their wines since the 1600’s and specialize in riesling. I was at a dinnerĀ  not long ago at Trinity restaurant in Clapham for a pig masterclass and wine matching evening. The food was expertly matched by chef Adam Byatt. Adam walked us through how to butcher a side a pig. For a very thorough write up of the food we had, please check out Eatlikeagirl’s post here.

As for me, The Winesleuth, I was able to chat with Jean Trimbach, the 13th generation of Trimbach, about their special Cuvee Frederic Emile riesling which was made in honor of the 375th anniversary of the founding of Trimbach. Click on the video to see what Jean has to say about the quintessential Trimbach riesling


  1. Susannah /

    love this post and Alsacian wines….Good job!


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