Notting Hill Carnival? I’m thinking of Elements 8 spiced rum…

It’s Notting Hill Carnival this weekend and although I haven’t gone in ages, I think I just might go on Sunday, which is Children’s Day. Why Children’s Day?  Although it’s just as crowded, there seems to be less trouble on Sunday, all those families about. It’s called Children’s Day as all the participants in the parades and steel bands are under 21. The last time I went was back in ’06, I had great fun, wandering around with the crowds, watching the parades, listening to the steel drums, eating tasty jerk chicken and having lots of rum drinks from Beach Blanket Babylon.

In honour of the Carnival, I’d like to mention Elements 8 spiced rum. I was at the launch recently and I can say it is some quality stuff. The rum is made on the volcanic island of St. Lucia and Elements 8 is a blend of 10 single rums which are then combined with 10 St Lucian fruits and spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, star anise, vanilla, lemon, orange, coconut and honey) and  then aged in used Bourbon barrels to produce the Spiced Rum. The entire process gives the finished product a uniquely complex bouquet of aromas and flavours. I found it to be extremely aromatic and it reminded me of the beach, sun tan lotion, pina coladas and the sun coming at me from the bottom of the glass.

Drink it on it’s own or in a cocktail as we did at the launch, it is extremely smooth and while it does have quite a few sweet notes, it was more akin to drinking small batch bourbon for me. I loved it and absolutely recommend it! I’m sure you’ll be able to find Elements 8 Spiced Rum at many of the bars and restaurants that will be lining the Carnival route.

A few reminders for anyone else who’s planning on going to the Carnival, DON’T take any valuables, cameras, mobiles, cash, etc should be in different pockets and beware of pickpockets, there are out in force. If you’re looking for general info on the Carnival, check out the My Notting Hill website, they’ve got the skinny on where to find the steel bands, the sounds systems and the parade route for both days. If you’re from out of town and looking for a place to stay, I’ve got a voucher code from, get £15 off flexible rate room at Travelodge (, every little helps, as they say.

Enjoy the Carnival!



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