Lashings of Rum at the Worship St. Whistling Shop

Aug 27, 11 Lashings of Rum at the Worship St. Whistling Shop

The History of Rum. Could be interesting in the right hands. At the Worship St Whistling Shop bar it was one of the most fun and informative evenings I’ve had out drinking in quite awhile. And that’s saying something.

Tristan Stephenson was our genial host/narrator and led us through the dark Victorian style bar to The Emporium, a small room in the back of the bar to begin our rum experience. Once seated on benches around 3 sides of a table, the lights darkened and the show began. I’m not going to give too much away but the show encompasses a sight, sound, smell, taste and audio tour through the highlights of rum, from Colonial America to Havana and beyond. The bar bills it as a “fairground ride of cocktail imbibation” (I’m pretty sure they made that last word up) and that sums it up quite neatly.

food,and no, it’s not chicken…

There were plenty of surprises and Tristan has teamed up with Heston Blumenthal’s Experimental Kitchen to come up with some surprising food combinations and textures to go along with our rum libations.

The History of Rum is the first of these cocktail experiences and will be running for the next three months. They’re busy planning the next experience, although Tristan wouldn’t tell us what it is just yet. Ideal for a night out with friends, the bar is currently only taking bookings for groups of 5-8 but are considering opening up the show to couples bookings. I wouldn’t worry if you don’t know the other couples when you start the evening, by the end, you’ll all be good friends over the generous and numerous cocktails poured throughout the two hour show.

For more information and to make a reservation, check the website: Worship Street Whistling Shop, The Emporium. Fantastically fun night out and I even learned a thing or two about rum.

mwhahhahah, drinker beware…..

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    Brilliant, just what I needed to know, thank you!


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