2010 Domaine de la Pousse d’Or en primeur tasting

Les Amoureuses 2010 Domaine de la Pousse d'Or

Les Amoureuses 2010 Domaine de la Pousse d’Or

How often do you get to taste the entire range of a Burgundy producer in one go? Daniel Lambert Wines had a vertical tasting last night of the Domaine de la Pousse d’Or 2010 en primeur¬† in Mayfair and I was able to taste through all those fabulous Volnays, Chambolles and Corton Grand Crus.

La Pousse d’Or has quite a reputation, being a famous old domaine in Volnay, tracing it’s founding to around 1100 A.D., although it’s present day incarnation begins in 1964. The real renown of the vines began in 1997 when the it was bought by Patrick Landanger, an electromechanical engineer, who has revitalized and invested heavily into the vines. The domaine covers Chambolle-Musigny, Clos de la Roche, Corton, Puligny-Montrachet, Pommard, Santenay and Volnay and is made up of premier cru and grand cru vineyards.

I stuck in and thought this is what pinot noir is all about. It helped that these were all from vineyards with excellent terroir but red Burgundy has a silky, earthy vibrancy that is impossible to get anywhere else. I tasted through 16 wines and while they shared certain characteristics, it was the differences that highlighted and gave them a sense of place. My highlights with brief notes:

Domaine de la Pousse d'Or

Domaine de la Pousse d’Or

Chambolle Musigny1er cru “Les Groseilles” 2010 – fine, elegant tannins, wood spice notes with fresh strawberry and bracing acidity, a delicate, silky wine

Chambolle – Musigny 1er cru “Les Charmes” 2010 – there’s a reason it’s called “les charmes”, it is a charming wine, brisk and full of strawberry and rasperry , fine grained tannins, smooooth……

Chambolle – Musigny 1er cru “Les Feusselotees” 2010 – showed sweet fruit on the nose with softer tannins, much more upfront on the red fruit flavours, fuller and rounder then the “Les Charmes”.

Volnay 1er cru”Clos d’audignac” Monopole 2010 – ripe strawberry and raspberry with echos of tea and earthy notes on the finish, very fresh, with crisp tannins.

Volnay 1er cru “Clos de la Bousse d’Or Monopole – red fruit spiciness, structured with a subtle soft elegance

Pommard 1er cru “Les Jaroliers” 2010 – silky with bright, fresh red fruits especially raspberry, mouthwatering with fine tannins, an excellent wine

Grand Cru “Clos de Roche” 2010 – red berries with a savoury point on the nose, tobacco and earthy finish with the fruit underlying the palate with a mouthwatering quality that kicks in after a few seconds

These wines are going to be around for awhile. I’d like to see what they taste like in say, 10 years. I can only imagine.

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