Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee for the holidays

Dec 19, 11 Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee for the holidays


Although I do tend to go on about champagne, I occasionally drink other sparkling wines. Freixenet sent me the Elyssia Gran Cuvee and the Elyssia Pinot noir, their premium cavas as an economical alternative to champange.

I have tried the Elyssia pinot noir in the past and was left a bit wanting but I think they may have tweaked it a bit and this time around, it was definitely much fruitier then before. It’s made from 100% pinot noir and there was plenty of strawberry and raspberry on the nose and palate. It would make a good party aperitif, rosy sparkles around this time of year are always appreciated.

The Gran Cuvee was a bit different. I hadn’t tried it before although I have had the Freixenet Cordon Negro in the past and I do enjoy cava. The Gran Cuvee is an interesting blend of macabeo, parelleda, chardonnay and pinot noir. A charming cava, sparkly, gently bubbles, with orange blossom and elderflower on the nose and palate, it was very easy to drink and great with dinner. I could however, have drunk this on it’s own.

Both are good economical alternatives to champagne this holiday season. If you can only afford champagne for Christmas or New Years, at least you have a very good Spanish alternative for the rest of the holiday season in the Elyssia cavas.


  1. warren knowles /

    Got a few bottles of the Elyssia Gran Cuvee a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed them!

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