Upcoming Laurent-Perrier dinner at Roux at Parliament Square, Nov. 6th

Nov 01, 12 Upcoming Laurent-Perrier dinner at Roux at Parliament Square, Nov. 6th
Laurent-Perrier brut

Laurent-Perrier brut

There’s no hiding the fact that I do adore champagne. Someone asked me at a dinner the other night, “what’s the one wine you would always recommend?”  I, of course, piped up with champagne and then was rather sniffely told that was a lazy choice by another wine geek at the table. WHAT?!?! Ridiculous, there are so many different kinds and styles of champagne, it would take a long time to taste through them all – from demi-sec to zero dosage, not to mention vintage, single vineyard, NV, blanc de blanc, rose, etc. The variety of champagne boggles the mind.

But I’m going off on a rant here, the point of this post is to not only point out the versatility of champagne (and nowhere do you see that versatility  more then when it it served with and, if you’re lucky, throughout a meal) then to advise you all about an upcoming champagne dinner at Roux at Parliament Square on November 6th.

Laurent-Perrier and and Chef Michel Roux, Jr. have teamed up for one night only to present a carefully matched 5 course menu, paired with Laurent Perrier champagnes. Not only will Michel be there to talk about the food but Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt,who has taken over from her late father Bernard, will be on hand to talk about the champagnes and the food.

Michel Roux, Jr.

Michel Roux, Jr.

It should be an fantastic dinner. I often get the opportunity to speak with the winemakers but to also have the chef on hand to explain his choices with each champagne makes the evening even more interesting. I love this kind of stuff, it always makes the meal even more enjoyable.

Here is a small sample of what’s going to be on the menu: Scallop Croustillant, Potato and Truffle Butter paired with Laurent-Perrier Vintage 2002 and a succulent Slow Roasted Breast and Fillet of English Veal, with Macaroni Gratin and Woodland Mushrooms paired with the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle.

Tickets for ‘An evening with Michel Roux Jr and Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt’ on Nov. 6th are priced at £175 per person. For reservations and booking information, please call 0207 334 3737 or email: bookings@rouxaps.co.uk.

Sante and bon appetit!

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