Les Dauphins rose for summer

Jun 24, 13 Les Dauphins rose for summer

Over the weekend I went to the Taste of London and was re-introduced to the wines of Les Dauphins, most specifically to the new Les Dauphins rose. Les Dauphins is made by a co-operative in the Southern Rhone called Les Cellier des Dauphins and they are one of the largest producers in the Rhone accounting for over 30% of all production.

I’ve had their Cotes du Rhone Villages in the past and think it’s a great summer time red. Perfect for hamburgers, grilled chicken or sausages, it has a spicy profile with a strong core of black and red fruits running through it. One of the most eye-catching things about the wine is the label. Done up in a 1920’s style font, the French were at first aghast when this label was presented to them, according to their UK rep, Louise Hill, “…they thought they needed a more classic label…” but the French were over-ruled and the label certainly does have an appeal to the UK market place. Happily, the wine inside deserves to be talked about as well.

Les Dauphins rose

Les Dauphins rose

At Taste of London, I also had the opportunity to try the rosé, made of 80% grenache, 10% syrah,10% cinsault, it’s a cheeky little number, full of fruit but having good acidity which saves it from being cloying and gloopy (for lack of a better word), in the mouth. Very refreshing and I think it would be a good match with a prawn salad or grilled sausages.

The Cotes du Rhone Villages is available from Waitrose, retailing for £8.49 and the rosé will be available in Asda at a retail price of £6.75. Two wines that are perfect for summer picnics, if summer ever arrives here on these soggy isles…

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