Cunard Cruise Lines New Wine List

Dec 08, 13 Cunard Cruise Lines New Wine List

Recently, I was sent a few samples from Cunard Cruise Lines newest wine list. Cunard have been on the high seas for over 170 years and I’ve always wanted to sail on their flagship Queen Elizabeth II. Years ago, when I was a child in California, I visited the Queen Mary which is now ‘retired’ and moored in Long Beach, CA and was awed by the elegance and style of the ship.

I haven’t quite made it to the QE II yet but if their new wine list is anything to go by, I think I’d be very happy on a trans-Atlantic crossing with them.  The list is quite comprehensive with selections from around the world. The wine list covers everything from the great vineyards of the ‘Old World’ , high quality ‘New World’ selections and some excellent examples of ’boutique’ wines from smaller, lesser known vineyards.

and on board today

and on board today

As an example of ‘off the beaten track’, they have wines from Brazil, England and Israel on the list. I tried the carignan/shiraz dry red from Carmel Ridge. A very drinkable wine, it was delicious. I have tried Israeli wines before and been unimpressed but this wine was balanced, with juicy fruit and no hint of cloying sweetness. The wine finished on gentle spicy note.  I really liked it and would definitely recommend grabbing a bottle if you see it in the shops.

Cunard have also added a sake list, with a small selection of sakes from the producer, Akashi-Tai. All their sakes are hand crafted and made with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. The Honjozo sake is one of the more traditional and favourites of sake lovers and after a few sips, I can see why. Dry but having citrus flavours and aromas, a delicate drink but one would expect no less from fine sake.

champagne at dinner

champagne at sea

Of course there is champagne on board, what would a cruise be without champagne? Veuve Clicquot and Cunard collaborated to create the first Veuve Clicquot champagne bar at sea on the Queen Mary 2. However, there is a wide selection of Veuve Clicquot champagnes on offer for the rest of the fleet, including a demi-sec, rose, vintage and Grande Dame vintages on board.

The new wine list looks quite interesting and is reasonably priced, even more so when you take into account that all prices are in dollars! The prices falling between $32  – £100 US. If you needed yet another reason to take a cruise with Cunard, consider the wine list….


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