Launch of the Perrier Jouet 2005 Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition at the Gherkin

Sep 22, 14 Launch of the Perrier Jouet 2005 Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition at the Gherkin

Earlier this month, Perrier Jouet was in town to launch their 2005 Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition bottle by Vik Muniz. The launch was at one of my favourite venues in London, The Gherkin. No matter how many times I’ve been to the top, it never fails to impress me. There may be taller buildings in London but the tip top of the Gherkin is just really cool. 

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque rosePerrier Jouet commissioned Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz to create a unique label for the 2005 as this vintage is the most extravagent wine of the Belle Epoque collection, according to cellar master Herve Deschamps. According to the Perrier Jouet, the 2005 is…
…A generous and voluptuous cuvée, the complexity of the 2005 vintage reflects a year of contrasts crowned by a spectacular Indian summer. Chardonnay, Perrier-Jouët’s nominated grape of choice, is predominant in the blend while the cuvée owes its richness and pure, salmon-pink hue to the Pinot Noir variety. After nine years ageing in the House’s cellars, the result is a perfect balance between the year’s character and Perrier-Jouët’s stylish, floral and diamond-cut house style……
IMG_3705The bottle has the traditional anemones on the front but the back label is where Muniz let his creativity come out to play. The artist created a long gold plated label running from top to bottom with the story of the 2005 etched on it. The surprise though is when you look thru the bottle from the front. There Muniz has etched in a hummingbird which appears to be feeding from the anemones. Beautiful!
 After the unveiling of the 2005, we were treated to the Belle Epoque 2006 upstairs, where the space at the very top of the Gherkin had been transformed into a nightclub for the evening. A great night out, how could it not be with Perrier Jouet flowing freely.

Lucy Shaw, Drinks Business and The Winesleuth

Lucy Shaw (Drinks Business) and The Winesleuth

There were only 2000 bottles produced and only 200 are available in the UK. Look for it in Harvey Nichols or at Searcy’s Champagne Bar.


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