Good ol’ BBQ in Marylebone

Jan 15, 15 Good ol’ BBQ in Marylebone

There are some things in  London that are hard to come by. One of those things is good ol’ American BBQ. Now, I’m not from any of the Southern states of the US but I do like a good BBQ so I was interested to see how a new BBQ place in Marylebone, of all places, would play out. Turns out, it’s pretty darn good.

The Joint actually started out in much less posher surroundings down in Brixton Village before making the move north of the river. It was one of the first to offer American style BBQ on the pop-up scene. Founders Dan Fiteni and Warren Dean use only quality ingredients that are locally sourced. And they believe in slow cooking everything in their own marinades.

credit: The Joint

credit: The Joint

You can definitely see the 16 hours of  slow cooking in the meat that falls off the ribs and the chicken wings that are to die for, crispy crunchy on the outside, covered in sticky BBQ sauce but at the same time so moist and tender. They have to be some of the best chicken wings I’ve had in awhile. I wish they did them Buffalo-style. The rest of the menu is pretty simple,sticking to pulled pork on homemade buns or in a wrap. The sides are great, big and crunchy onion rings, corn on the cob ( though I wish they offered butter with the corn) and crunchy slaw that isn’t drowning in mayo – the only thing that’s missing are country baked beans but in this country, you lot have them for breakfast! They also offered french fries as a side but I had another order of wings instead (yes, they are THAT good).

credit: The Joint

credit: The Joint

The drinks menu is short but sweet and not too expensive. £6.50 for a strong and substantial cocktail in Marylebone – sign me up! I tried the Figgy Ol’Fashioned, it was a bit on the sweet side but still good and the Thyme Collins certainly did wash down the BBQ sauce. They have a few more cocktails on the list but these two were my favourite. There is a short list of beers and a few wines as well but I stuck to the cocktails.

I liked The Joint, my only comment being that it can get rather noisy so if you want a romantic date, you might want to head somewhere else. But if you’re out with your mates, this is a great place to get stuck in.

The Joint is located at 19 New Cavendish St W1G 9TZ

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  1. OMG! That looks amazing!

    I shall visit this place next time i am around.

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