Discount wine books on line at The Works

Feb 23, 15 Discount wine books on line at The Works
I love to get my hands on wine books. Whether it’s a book about how to make wine, how to drink wine or a great story about the history of wine, I want to read it. I used to buy books for my Kindle but there is something to be said for actually having a solid, physical specimen in your hand. I’v now gone back to buying real books and my Kindle lives on a shelf in my house somewhere.
I like books because you never have to worry about the battery dying out, you can toss them about with impunity, you can take them just about anywhere -including the tub, I don’t know about you but I always worry about taking electronic devices in the bath tub, jacuzzi, etc.,and my eyes don’t get tired from staring at a screen for hours on end.
I’m always looking for bargains online and although I do buy occasionally from the Big Boys online, I found a book I’d been wanting to buy, “War and Wine” by Petie Kladstrup, on a great site called The¬†They have a nice compact selection of wine books,the books are usually discounted and they offer free delivery. Not only do they sell wine books but they also sell books on just about any subject as well as Arts & Crafts supplies, Stationery and Toys & Games. I even found a few wine games on the site.
Recently I was at a spa in Canada and took “Wine & War” ¬†into the outdoor hot spring every afternoon for a bit of leisurely reading – no worries about the rising steam having an effect on the books pages,except for maybe a bit of sogginess but a few minutes by the fireplace later would sort that problem out. The book is all about the French wine industry during World War II. It chronicles the hardships that the Champenois endured during The Occupation as well as stories of vignerons in concentration camps and life in Bordeaux under the Nazis. It was definitely a great read and shed light on a very difficult time for French wine growers. It’s a testament to the tenacity of French vignerons that they managed to keep the wine industry going and the fact that today it’s still going strong.
I just finished “War & Wine” so back to The to see what other books I can add to my collection.

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