The 3 Martini Lunch is Back!

Jun 02, 15 The 3 Martini Lunch is Back!

The 3 Martini lunch is making a comeback. Back in the good old days of business lunches that started at noon and carried on until dinner time, the 3 Martini lunch was a staple. Sadly, the spread of American style working hours and the need to always be working or to be  seen working (don’t ask me) seemed to take hold for quite some time.

Singer Tavern in the daylight, Martini, lunch

Singer Tavern in the daylight

Happily, thanks to the influence of shows like Mad Men and probably the fact that the recession seems to be finally ending or at least abating in the City of London, the 3 Martini lunch is now making an appearance at  The Singer Tavern, a gastropub like venue, has in it’s basement a cool little cocktail bar, 5CC. The cocktail bar has come up with the 3 Martini lunch special, available upstairs in the Singer Tavern.

The concept is simple- 3 Martinis BUT paired with specially selected small plates. The lunch is only available on Thursdays and Fridays between 12 -5 pm and by reservation only. One does have to keep up standards. There are two options, the first option is a choice of 3 martinis from a special martini menu which accompanies a main from the Singer food menu. The martinis go by names such as The Montgomery, The Sinatra (my favourite) and Lucky Luke. The second option is their set menu where they pair the martinis with food.

I tried the set menu. The first course was The Montgomery (1.5 parts No. 3 Gin and 1 part Dolin Dry Vermouth) paired with Mushroom, pecorino and truffle toastie. The Monty, was very drinkable, smooth and crisp. Paired with the toastie, it was very umami-ish. I could have eaten another plate of those toasties easily.

mushroom toastie, 3 martini lunch, Singer Tavern, Moorgate, London

mushroom toastie

Next was The Sinatra (6 parts Dorothy Parker Gin, half part Tio Pepe Fino sherry and Raegans orange bitters) paired with Crispy duck & charred broccoli salad. So tasty both the martini and the salad. The duck salad was well balanced between salty and sweet, the fruits were steeped in camomile tea, and the martini had citrusy/orange notes. I was definitely getting into this martini and food matching.

duck salad, 3 martini lunch, Singer Tavern, Moorgate, London

duck salad

For the last course, they had dessert but I went off-piste and stuck with savoury. I ordered The Lucky Luke (8 parts St. George Dry Rye gin, 1.5 parts Noily Prat Dry and half part Bruichladdich Port Charlotte). This martini definitely had scotch flavours and aromas and paired it with the mini sausage rolls. Scotch and sausage rolls? ‘Nuff said! Match made in heaven.

mini sausage rolls, 3 martini lunch, Singer Tavern, Moorgate, London

mini sausage rolls

I really like the whole concept, cool martinis with delicious food. The Singer Tavern is a cool joint as well and me and my lunch companion enjoyed the whole experience. The first menu option is £27 and the second menu option with 3 small plates is £36. For more info. visit their website here.


The Lucky Luke -comes with a reminder of the office, 3 martini lunch, Singer Tavern, Moorgate, London

The Lucky Luke -comes with a reminder of the office

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