Bruchicello Cataratto – Summer white

May 05, 20 Bruchicello Cataratto – Summer white

Cataratto is often produced in bulk and sold as a cheap Italian white wine. Cataratto means ‘abundance’ in the local dialect, which is probably why it is known as a cheap and cheerful white. But when it is produced by small family run vineyards with the utmost attention, as the Bruchicello Cataratto is, it can be a truly delicious wine and well worth seeking out.

Bruchicello Vin is a small family run winery situated on the sunny hills of the Belice Valley in the western part of Sicily, inland from Marsala. The winery was founded in 1976. In 1999, the Bruchicello label debuted and since then, they have been producing both Cataratto and Nero d’Avola in small productions. In 2014 they began production of organic cabernet sauvignon.

The wines have the designation of the Salaparuta DOC, which was established in 2006 and consists of only 110 hectares. Bruchicello has 5 hectares in total, encompassing catarrato, nero d’avola and cabernet sauvignon. All of their wines are certified organic, with low yields and utilizing both traditional and the newest wine making techniques to produce their wines. They only produce between 6,000 – 8,000 bottles in total per year.

Bruchicello vines, Sicily
Bruchicello vineyards

The Cataratto is a golden colour in the glass, although it is vinified in stainless steel, the wine does rest for 2 months in bottle before release. I really enjoyed this wine. It has a delicate nose of white flowers and grapefruit. On the palate it is well rounded with dried apricot and mint coming through followed by a stoney and bitter almond finish. It would be a good companion to grilled fish and seafood or summer salads. But you could also pair it with Middle Eastern cuisine, baba ganoush or falafels are another good choice.

cataratto in glass

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