Postcard from Sardinia

Mar 07, 18 Postcard from Sardinia

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I landed in Sardinia last night and was charmed by the dramatic seaside before we even landed. I know very little about this island other then it’s Italian and cannonau is the main variety cultivated here. I’m here visiting as part of the Sardinia Beyond the Sea initiative sponsored by Sardinian producers and the...

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Spotlight on biodynamic wines at Tozi in Pimlico

Jul 11, 17 Spotlight on biodynamic wines at Tozi in Pimlico

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Tozi in Pimlico have recently put a spotlight on biodynamic and natural Italian wines they feature on their wine list. Tozi is a Venetian -Italian restaurant that focus on small plates of Italian food or ‘cicchetti’, as it’s known in the Veneto region. The biodynamic and natural wine movement has always been quite...

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