Basque Cider, Fred Flintstone steaks and catching a drink

Dec 15, 16 Basque Cider, Fred Flintstone steaks and catching a drink

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Earlier this year I was invited to the Basque Country with Visit Basque Country to discover all that it has to offer. I must admit that initially, the only thing I knew about Basque Country is that the Guggenheim has a museum there and Bilbao is the closest airport to Rioja. I was definitely in for a surprise. Of course, we did...

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Barber’s 1833 Reserve Vintage Cheddar and cider brandy!

English mature cheddar cheese. Until I came to England, I had no idea what mature cheddar cheese was. Sure I’d had SHARP cheddar cheese (and didn’t really care for it, too sharp!). I have to admit, my favourite cheese used to be Monterey Jack – no snickering, please. In my defense, our tastebuds do advance with us...

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The Scots have an alcohol problem

Here’s an old Scottish joke to start off today. “Alcohol is your trouble” said the sheriff to the drunk. “Alcohol alone is responsible for your present predicament.” The drunk looked pleased as he said, “Yer lairdship’s maist kind. A’body else says it’s ma ain fault!”...

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